Apple Academy Learning Center

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Centerville, MN


26427 Forest Blvd.,

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Expect outstanding infant care

We provide a welcoming, enjoyable space for your infant. When you bring your child in to see us, he or she gets personalized care and attention. You'll feel good knowing our licensed and certified staff can provide quality care for your child.

Expect compassionate, loving professionals.

We're here to help you with your child. Expect reliable service.

Emotional growth:

• Creating a loving and accepting environment

• Encouraging curiosity and a sense of wonder through self-motivation

• Help identifying feelings and the feelings of others


Social growth:

• Creating a sense of caring and sensitivity towards others

• Providing opportunities for sharing and making friends

• Positive, nurturing interactions between staff and children

• Encouraging interaction with a diverse group of children


Intellectual growth:

• Creating excitement to learn

• Encouraging learning in areas the child is interested in

• Providing the flexibility to explore his or her interests


Physical development:

• Teaching the child to use the body in various active ways for large motor activities

• Providing well-balanced meals and snacks

• Providing a rest or nap

We're passionate about quality infant care

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Depend on us to provide a safe, positive space for infant care