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Apple Academy Child Learning Center provides quality care for your child in a safe environment. All children must be supervised by qualified staff members at all times. No child is ever left alone. Our teachers and staff are licensed and certified.

Expect superior service from our well-trained and dedicated staff.

You can depend on us to provide a reliable, safe, and secure environment for your child.

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We offer the following designations for child care:

• Infants - six weeks to 18 months

• Toddlers – Eighteen months through 35 months

• Preschool I – 35 months through 3 years

• Preschool II – 4 years to Kindergarten

• School Age – Kindergarten through age 12


Apple Academy Child Learning Center hours are:

Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday from 5:45 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. (Wyoming)


All programs are closed on the following holidays:

• New Year’s Day

• President's Day

• Staff training day

• Memorial Day

• Fourth of July

• Labor Day

• Thanksgiving Day

• Friday after Thanksgiving

• Christmas Eve Day

• Christmas Day  

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For over 15 years, our location has provided quality day care and preschool education for children. You can count on us to providing a positive environment for your child and to provide you with competitive rates.

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Our Child Care Program Plan

The primary responsibility of the program is to provide exceptional care, along with a quality educational program for young children. In meeting this responsibility, the center will cooperate with and reinforce the educational efforts of the home. A curriculum is provided that enhances the social, intellectual, physical and emotional development of each child. An environment exists where there are acceptance, respect, caring and encouragement. In the warmth of this setting, we hope to help the child develop a positive attitude towards learning and towards responsibility, self-discipline and self-esteem.


This child care program will be evaluated in writing by the owner/director on a yearly basis. In addition, all team members and parents are encouraged to provide suggestions and feedback regarding the plan. Suggestions will be accepted both verbally and in writing by the owner/director at any time throughout the year.


We will provide activities, which are designed to promote the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child. These activities will be consistent with the child’s cultural background. Specifically, children will participate in the following activities:


Children will learn about other cultures through the use of many different methods and techniques. For example, we will use different themes to promote cultural awareness. Holidays, National Cultural Awareness Weeks, etc. will be used as tools to inspire children’s interest in different nationalities of people. We will have activities such as cooking unique foods, listening to diverse music, hearing speakers of different ethnic backgrounds, field trips to museums and art exhibits and plays. We will bring in clothing and other examples of how cultures are celebrated and encourage children to learn about and accept people of all different ethnic backgrounds.


As a matter of policy, the intellectual, physical, social and emotional progress of each child will be documented on an ongoing basis. Copies of these records will become a part of each child’s file and will be shared with the child’s parent(s) during parent- teacher conferences.


Attached hereto and part of this plan is a schedule for indoor and outdoor activities. This schedule is intended to be used as a guideline. Our teachers are dedicated to our plan and to our children; therefore we give them the freedom to plan activities for their classes which are consistent with the center’s philosophy. The director shall oversee all activities on a daily basis.


Apple Academy Learning Center’s team feels it is extremely important for children to have the opportunity to develop their own creativity. Children need guidance, but not constant direction. Children will be invited to participate in a wide variety of activities, both quiet and active. Quiet activities may include but are not limited to: rest time, group discussions, independent and group story times. Active activities may include but are not limited to: walks, outdoor play, large motor games, and Dramatic play. Teacher directed activities may include stations, Themed art projects, group discussions, tape, stories, flannel board stories, finger puppets, and Kindergarten readiness skills. Child initiated activities may include free play, dramatic play, free art, and station play. However, the final decision regarding what takes place in each child’s day will remain partially a matter of their own choice.


Each week, Apple Academy team members are required to write lesson plans, which uses a variety of equipment and materials, which are challenging and help promote intellectual development; include sorting, classifying, segregating and counting; identifying colors and shapes; presenting basic concepts such as many/few, big/little, high/low, fast/slow, etc., when appropriate. Small motor skills will be met by completing activities, including puzzles, clay, stringing beads, cutting, and sand and water play. Large motor development will be enhanced by running, jumping, balancing, and climbing. Dancing to music participating in simple exercises, balancing on beams, and ball bouncing will also be included.


This Child Care Program Plan is always available for parents to review. In addition, we welcome the input and suggestions of parents at all times. We are here to provide service to you and your children. We encourage and sincerely welcome any suggestions you may provide.


We're committed to providing a warm, nurturing environment for your child's growth