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Experience and dedication matter

Our licensed and certified staff is happy to work with your toddler to create the experiences he or she desires. You'll find that every child gets individualized attention and encouragement from a loving, nurturing staff member throughout the day.

We're dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for your child.

With competitive rates and quality care, you'll love our staff and facility.

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Emotional growth:

• Build self-confidence by allowing choices within limits

• Provide a warm, loving, and accepting environment

• Encouraging curiosity and a sense of wonder through self-motivated activities

• Aid in helping children to identify their feelings and feelings of others

•Helping in the development of self-discipline

• Providing alternatives to anger and aggressiveness by strengthening emotional control


Social growth:

• Encouraging a sense of caring and sensitivity towards others

• Encouraging a sense of control over their lives

• Providing a nurturing and compassionate child and teacher interaction

• Opportunities for interaction with a diverse group of children


Intellectual growth:

• Sparking excitement through learning

• Encouraging children to seek knowledge where they are interested

• Providing options for independents and solution-finding


Physical and motor development:

• Teaching a child to use his or her body for activities indoors and outdoors

• Promoting physical growth and competence at the child's developmental level

• Providing well-balanced meals and snacks

• Daily rest or nap

Expect reliable, quality care for your child

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After over 15 years of providing outstanding care and attention to children, you can feel confident in allowing your toddler to grow with us.

Our toddler curriculum includes:


Encourage your toddler to grow and learn through our toddler program